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Introduction to AI

P.1 AI and Education in Cambodia

Mr. Heng Soklay Researcher and Lecturer, Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology(CADT)

P.2 AI Ethics and Data Protection Law

Ms. Svaradiva Anurdea Devi, Chairperson of Internet Development Institute

P.3 Digital Transformation

Mr. Ly Sokphath Director, Department of Project Appraisal and Development Programs, General Secretariat of Digital Governance Committee

P.4 For Sustainable Digital Safety Literacy

Mr. Kurihara Kohei, CEO of Privacy by Design Lab

P.5 Youth and Data Privacy: Concerns and Ways to Address Them

Ms. Maristela Miranda, Senior Associate at the LIGHTS Institute

P.6 Career in cybersecurity

Mr. Porhai EUNG, CEO SalaCyber

P.7 Lessons in the Fight for Digital Privacy from India

Mr. Gyan Prakash Tripathi, A Technology Policy Researcher and Digital Rights Advocate

P.8 Universal Acceptance and IDNs, Case Study of Rajmail and IDN Game

Mr. Bibek Silwal A founding member of YIGF Nepal and a graduate student of Business Strategy and Data Science

P.9 AI in present World: Current Impact and Trend

Mr. IM Chantola Planning & Demand Management Architect (Technology), Smart Axiata

P.10 How to Prevent From Being a Victim of Social Engineering

Mr. Oum Oudom, Cyber Security Solution Specialist

P.11 Cyber Security

Mr. Edmon Chung CEO, DotAsia Organisation

P.12 Navigating the Digital World: Unpacking Online Risks & Building Digital Resilience

Mr. Ahmad Umair Bin Suhaidi, a Computer Science Student at the National Energy University of Malaysia

P.13 AI Ethics and Governance

Ms. Harisa Shahid Net Mission Ambassador and Cybersecurity Intern at VaporVM IT Services and Mr. Muhammad Umair Ali Generation Connect Youth Envoy at the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), United Nations

Digital Rights and Online Responsibility

P.14 Phishing Attacks vs Prevention

Mr. Chum Rasy and Mr. Alex Roth Information technology engineering Expert & Digital Security Trainers at Chumrum Digital

P.15 Why Data Ethics Are Important for AI/ML Solutions?

Mr. Dixon Siu Software Engineer at Fujitsu Limited ( Japan) and Advisory Board of Cambodia ICT and Digital Forum

P.16 Why Personal Data Empowerment is the future and overview of the My Data Operator Ecosystem?

Mr. Dixon Siu Software Engineer at Fujitsu Limited ( Japan) and Advisory Board of Cambodia ICT and Digital Forum

P.17 Ensuring Security for Your Passwords and What happens when you are connected to wifi?

Ms. Te Sonita Program Coordinator and Lecturer of Computer Science Department, Ms. Nut Kunthy , Teaching Assistant at Telecom and Networking Department and Ms. Pen Monyneath, Senior Legal and Document Executive at Orkide Development Co., Ltd

P.18 Empowering a sustainable and inclusive digital future: A holistic approach to responsible Internet

Ms. Jaewon Son Doctoral Researcher at Institute for Technology Assment and System Analysis (ITAS), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

P.19 Data Privacy and Protection

Mr. Sreng Kimhab, Cybersecurity and Data Protection Specialist

Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

P.21 Open Data and Privacy

Mr. Sam An Mardy Information Technology and Website Manager, Open Development Cambodia Organization

P.22 CyberSecurity


P.23 Assessing Internet Development in Cambodia

Mr. Phan Daro Head of Digital Governance and Technology Promotion of the Institute of Digital Governance

P.24 Digital Skill Adaptation in the 21st Century

Mr. CHEANG Thornsopanha Software Engineer, Computer Science Student at CADT

P.25 Important securities features of Telegram

Mrs. Chhit Kanika and Mr. Chum Rasy Project Coordinator and a Digital security trainer at Chumrum Digital

P.26 The Foundation of Web Security

Mr. Tepken Vannkorn Freelance Web Developer

P.27 My Journey to NextGen@ICANN, APIGA, APNIC & APrIGF Fellowship

Ms. Horn Somaly Researcher at Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology (CADT), Mr. Heng Soklay Researcher and Lecturer, Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology(CADT), Ms. Sokhachan Socheata Cambodia YIGF Organizing Committee

P.28 Cyber Security

Mr. Diep Kong , Chief Technical Officer at SINET

P.29 Cyber-Security

Mr. Na Sambathchatovong, Cyber Researcher

P.30 Protecting Your Identity in Digital Era

Mr. Sy Tech Hong, Cybersecurity Consultant