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Cambodia yIGF 2023 Theme Digital Empowerment: Ensuring Access, Safety, and Opportunities for All

  • Event Date: 23-24 September 2023
  • Location: Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology (CADT), Phnom Penh


Digital Empowerment: Ensuring Access, Safety, and Opportunities for All

The Cambodia Youth Internet Governance Forum 2023 is a dynamic and inclusive event that brings together youth, policymakers, industry experts, and civil society organizations to explore the theme of “Digital Empowerment: Ensuring Access, Safety, and Opportunities for All.”

In an increasingly digital world, access to digital technologies, online safety, and opportunities are critical factors that influence an individual’s ability to thrive. This event aims to address these crucial aspects and foster discussions, knowledge sharing, and collaboration to ensure digital empowerment for all individuals in Cambodia.


Introduction to AI

Digital Rights and Online Responsibility

Cybersecurity and Data Privacy


Cambodia yIGF aims to develop youth leaders’ understanding of the Internet and its ecosystem. It also aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to participate in Internet policymaking through developing a strong foundation in the following:

  • Develop youth leaders’ understanding of Internet governance and the multistakeholder model of policymaking.
  • Equip participants with the knowledge and skills to engage in Internet policymaking, focusing on current Cambodian digitalization in which links to Internet governance. 
  • Empower youth to voice their opinions and concerns regarding Internet-related issues in particularly in ensuring transparency and accountability. 
  • Provide immersive, hands-on sessions with expert mentoring from private and governmental sectors on the ecosystem of governance internetization and digitalization.

Expected Outcomes

Through the program, participants will build confidence in and appreciation for multistakeholder processes with a solid foundation in Internet governance fundamentals. They will also receive guided pathways to continue participating in the Internet governance space including at ICANN, APNIC, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), ISOC, and various Internet governance forums.

Furthermore for them to understand their future roles in the near future and how they can take this opportunity to create and advance the country to another level of digital and internet governance by the year 2035, aligned with the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications of Cambodia. We hope to get strong governmental participation with youth and other experts to keep information well-informed and to see how Cambodia can make a breakthrough from good cooperation.

Core Element of Cambodia yIGF 2023

Networking session

The forum includes a dedicated networking session designed to facilitate connections and interactions among youth participants. During the networking session, participants can meet and connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for Internet-related issues. It offers a platform to exchange ideas, discuss common challenges, and explore potential collaborations.

Facilitators may provide ice-breakers, discussion topics, or structured activities to encourage active engagement and ensure that participants make the most out of the networking session. 

Capacity-building workshop

The forum includes a comprehensive capacity-building workshop focused on enhancing participants’ understanding of Internet governance principles, policies, and best practices. This workshop is designed to equip attendees with the necessary knowledge and skills to actively contribute to the field of Internet governance.

The workshop covers a range of topics related to Internet governance, including the multi-stakeholder approach, policy frameworks, legal considerations, emerging technologies, and digital rights. Expert facilitators with extensive experience in the field will lead interactive sessions, combining presentations, case studies, and group activities to promote active learning and engagement.

Participants will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders in shaping Internet governance. They will explore key concepts and frameworks, analyze real-world examples, and discuss current challenges and trends in the digital landscape.

Panel Discussion

The forum features a panel discussion that brings together a diverse set of speakers from various sectors, including policymakers, government representatives, private sector leaders, and civil society activists. This panel provides a platform for an engaging and informative discussion on key topics related to Internet governance.

The panelists will share their insights, perspectives, and experiences, offering diverse viewpoints on the chosen topic. The discussion aims to explore the challenges, opportunities, and best practices in the realm of Internet governance, considering the multi-stakeholder approach.

By bringing together policymakers, government officials, private sector representatives, and civil society activists, the panel discussion enhances understanding, promotes dialogue, and contributes to the development of effective strategies and policies for Internet governance.

Role play Multi-stakeholder Conference

The Roleplay Multistakeholder Conference is an interactive and engaging session designed to empower and involve youth in Internet governance discussions. The session aims to provide participants with a unique opportunity to experience the dynamics of multistakeholder decision-making processes while addressing real-world Internet governance challenges. Through roleplay, youth will step into the shoes of various stakeholders and engage in collaborative discussions, negotiations, and consensus-building exercises.


  1. To enhance youth understanding of multistakeholder decision-making processes in Internet governance.
  2. To foster critical thinking, negotiation, and problem-solving skills among youth participants.
  3. To provide a platform for youth to express their perspectives, concerns, and proposed solutions regarding Internet governance issues.
  4. To encourage youth participation in shaping Internet governance policies and fostering their sense of ownership and engagement.

Expected Outcomes:

  1. Increased understanding of multistakeholder decision-making processes in Internet governance among youth participants.
  2. Enhanced critical thinking, negotiation, and problem-solving skills among youth.
  3. Youth-generated proposals and solutions addressing Internet governance challenges.
  4. Strengthened youth engagement and ownership in Internet governance discussions and decision-making processes.