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Experiencing Internet Governance as a Panelist

Imagine a place where the ancient meets the cutting edge, where culture dances with technology—a place like Kyoto, Japan. Now, picture being part of a global gathering of minds, all driven by a shared passion for shaping the digital world. That\'s precisely where I found myself at the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) 2023, and let me tell you, it was nothing short of an exhilarating experience!Being a Youth RepresentativeOne of the most memorable moments in my journey was the opportunity to serve as a panelist for Session #133, titled \"Accelerating an Inclusive Energy Transition.\" This session was a significant part of the broader discussions on Digital Technologies to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals. The session was expertly organized by several key entities, including the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, the NLIGF, Electronic Commerce Platform Netherlands (ECP), and WEOG. As I stepped onto the stage, I carried with me not just the perspectives of Cambodia but also the dynamic ASEAN youth community. It was a moment of immense honor and responsibility to raise the my voice. The session’s mission was clear: to energize our collective efforts toward an energy future that truly leaves no one behind.In my presentation titled \"Unlocking ASEAN\'s Green Energy Future Through Youth,\" I delved into the pivotal role of youth in spearheading green energy transformation in the ASEAN region. I began by emphasizing the critical importance of green energy, not only for environmental sustainability but also for our collective future. I then highlighted the significant challenges that ASEAN faces in transitioning to green energy, including surging energy demands and issues of affordability and accessibility. I also showcased the immense potential for youth to contribute to this development. Through the adoption of green technologies, the creation of green jobs, and the initiation of green initiatives, we can use the successful model of the Cambodia Internet Governance Forum as an example, in which the forum plays a paramount role in driving the transition towards a sustainable and green energy future in ASEAN.Keynote from other significant sessions:My thoughts were not only mine; I did take some aspirations and knowledge from other experts from the other sessions I joined before my panel sessions. I will list three sessions that genuinely inspired me below:\"Transforming Technology Frameworks for the Planet\" IGF 2023 was like a digital oasis, teeming with knowledge and inspiration. This session had me envisioning a tech-powered green utopia. It was a reminder that the digital realm could be a force for planetary good as well if we were to include the environment in the framework-building process.\"High-Level Panel on Artificial Intelligence\"Artificial Intelligence, or AI, wasn\'t just a buzzword—it was the show\'s star! This session was the most inspiring for me as it showed us how AI can be an accelerator in its own right, speeding us towards a greener, more sustainable world. But wait, there are matters that we need to consider here! AI needs a moral compass, and that\'s where governance comes in.\"Without facts, you can\'t have truth, and without truth, you cannot have trust.\"Nobel Peace Prize laureate Maria Ressa at IGF2023. Three suggestions were raised for approaching generative AI where it can be hijacked easily for emotional influences and often false content: \"Stop surveillance for profit. Stop coded bias against women, LGBTQI, and other minorities and use journalism as an antidote to tyranny.\"\"Youth for Digital Inclusion & Environmental Sustainability\"This session was like a rallying cry for young digital warriors to start taking action. It hammered the message that we, the youth, are not just the future; we are the drivers of change today!Nadia Owusu, Civil Society, African Group representative, emphasized the role of youth in this critical time when we need to accelerate the green digital environment. I take so much inspiration from her work and statements from the session that they shape my panel discussion as well.The Return JourneyLeaving Kyoto was bittersweet, but I carried back more than just memories. I brought back a suitcase filled with inspiration, wisdom, and a heart bursting with a determination to continue endorsing digital rights, environmental sustainability, and youth empowerment.I will use my knowledge to light up our digital world, one pixel at a time. Special ThanksA heartfelt thank you to my admiring team, the Cambodia Youth Internet Governance Forum Organizing Committee, our Board of Advisory Committee, and Open Development Cambodia for making this incredible opportunity possible. Your support and dedication have fueled my journey towards a more inclusive and sustainable digital world.

Bridging the Digital Divide: What IGF2023 Teach Me

The “digital divide” is the gap between people who have access to digital technologies and those who do not. It\'s a problem that affects people all over the world, but it\'s especially pronounced in developing countries.At the recent Internet Governance Forum (IGF2023), I had the opportunity to join several sessions from ‘High Level Panels’ to ‘Speakers Corner’ which varied in topics. Among the 300+ sessions that IGF2023 had to offer, I joined the sessions about Digital Divide and Inclusion, and Environment and Sustainability.  I learned about the digital divide and inclusion efforts in multiple countries; however, I would only take the two countries to compare: Japan and Cambodia.Japan\'s Digital DivideJapan is a technologically advanced country, but even there, some people face barriers to accessing and using digital tools. This is especially true for the elderly and rural communities.Japan has learned some important lessons about how to bridge the digital divide such as infrastructure investment and digital literacy training.Invest in infrastructure: Japan has invested heavily in high-speed internet networks, even in rural areas. This has made it easier for everyone to get online.Provide digital literacy training: Japan offers digital literacy programs at all levels of education. This helps people learn how to use digital tools effectively.Cambodia\'s Digital DivideCambodia is a developing country with a less established ICT infrastructure and lower internet penetration rates. As a result, a large portion of the population has limited or no access to digital resources. This disparity has an especially negative impact on rural populations, women, and underprivileged groups.Cambodia is also learning valuable lessons about how to bridge the digital divide:Create a strong policy and regulatory framework. Cambodia has developed a policy and regulatory framework that encourages ICT growth and closes the digital gap. This includes efforts to improve internet infrastructure and lower internet access costs.Partner with the private sector. Cambodia is working with the private sector to harness resources and expertise to drive digital inclusion efforts.What Can We Learn from Japan and Cambodia?Japan and Cambodia can teach us a lot about how to bridge the digital divide. Here are a few key lessons:Take a personalized approach: Each country faces unique challenges, so there are no “one-size-fits-all” solutions. It\'s important to understand the local context and develop tailored solutions.Create inclusive policies: Governments should develop policies that prioritize digital inclusion. This includes investing in infrastructure, promoting digital literacy programs, and making sure that digital services are affordable.Collaborate for impact: Collaboration among governments, businesses, and civil society organizations can significantly boost efforts to achieve digital inclusion.Bridging the digital divide and promoting digital inclusion are essential for ensuring that everyone has equal access to opportunities, information, and resources. Japan and Cambodia are making progress, but there is still more work to be done. By learning from their experiences, we can develop more effective and inclusive solutions.

IGF 2023: The Future of the Internet Is at Stake, and We All Have a Role to Play

The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) stands as the world\'s premier annual gathering of stakeholders from diverse sectors, converging to discuss and influence the trajectory of the internet\'s future. The 2023 IGF, hosted in Kyoto, Japan, from October 8-12, marked a pivotal moment. At this juncture, the internet confronts numerous challenges, elevating the significance of this event in shaping its future.Reflecting on my personal experience at IGF 2023, it was nothing short of enriching. The multitude of workshops and the community\'s eagerness to engage in spontaneous discussions left me in awe. However, amidst the vibrant exchange of ideas, a notable observation was the often marginal role played by the youth in discussions, with many assuming passive roles.The Challenges of a New Era for the InternetForemost among the challenges discussed was the looming threat of internet fragmentation. Governments and private entities are increasingly vying to control distinct sections of the internet, heightening the risk of a fractured and siloed digital landscape. The repercussions of such fragmentation include restricted access to information and services, as well as a potential stifling of innovation.Another critical challenge that emerged is the ascendancy of AI and other emerging technologies. While these technologies hold the potential to revolutionize various aspects of our lives, they also bring forth risks, such as job displacement and the potential misuse of data. Navigating this landscape requires a concerted effort to ensure the responsible and ethical development and application of these transformative technologies.In addition to these challenges, the internet grapples with the spread of misinformation and disinformation, the surge in cybercrime, and the erosion of online privacy.The bright spot amid these challenges is the IGF 2023\'s success in bringing together a diverse array of stakeholders from across the globe. The forum\'s overarching theme, \"The Internet We Want – Empowering All People,\" served as a reminder that the internet is a global resource that should be accessible and beneficial to everyone.What I Learned from the World\'s Leading Internet Experts:The internet is a global resource, and it needs to be governed accordingly. The current system of internet governance is fragmented and siloed, which makes it difficult to address global challenges. We need a more inclusive and participatory system of internet governance that reflects the global nature of the internet.We need to invest in digital literacy and education. Many people around the world do not have the skills and knowledge they need to use the internet safely and effectively. We need to invest in programs that teach people about digital literacy and online safety.We need to protect our online privacy and security. The internet has become a breeding ground for cybercrime and data breaches. We need to take steps to protect our online privacy and security, both as individuals and as societies.We need to ensure that the internet is accessible to everyone. The internet is still a luxury for many people around the world. We need to work to make the internet more affordable and accessible to everyone, regardless of their income or location.We need to promote diversity and inclusion on the internet. The internet should be a place where everyone feels welcome and respected. We need to work to promote diversity and inclusion on the internet, both in terms of the content that is available and the people who are participating in online communities.These are just a few of the many things that I learned from the world\'s leading internet experts at IGF 2023. It was an inspiring event, and it gave me hope for the future of the internet. I believe that if we work together, we can create a more open, inclusive, and equitable internet for everyone.What can we all do to help? From youth role perspective:Now, moving from reflection to action, the question arises: What can we all do to contribute, especially from the perspective of the youth?Active Youth Participation:   A resounding call at IGF 2023 was for increased and active youth participation. It became clear that for internet governance to be truly inclusive and effective, the youth must step forward, engage in discussions, and challenge existing norms. Our unique perspectives can inject fresh ideas and innovative solutions into the discourse.Advocacy for Digital Literacy:   The need for enhanced digital literacy emerged as a critical point. In a world dominated by technology, the youth can take the lead in advocating for educational programs that equip individuals with the skills to navigate the digital landscape responsibly.Promotion of Inclusivity:   Internet access should transcend geographical and socio-economic boundaries. As youth advocates, we can champion initiatives that bridge the digital divide, ensuring that the internet is a fundamental right accessible to all.Responsible Use of Emerging Technologies:   Given the prominence of AI and emerging technologies, the youth, as early adopters, bear the responsibility of advocating for their ethical and responsible use. Staying informed about potential risks and benefits positions us to contribute to shaping policies that balance innovation and societal well-being.Combatting Misinformation:   Misinformation emerged as a significant threat. The youth can play a pivotal role in combatting misinformation by promoting media literacy, fact-checking, and responsible information sharing.IGF 2023 underscored that the future of the internet is a shared responsibility. The active involvement of the youth is not just encouraged but essential. By embracing our role as catalysts for positive change, we can collectively work towards shaping an internet that truly empowers and benefits all. The discussions and collaborations fostered at IGF 2023 serve as a catalyst for a more inclusive, secure, and innovative digital future.


Did you know, that accessing the internet alone is not enough? So, internet safety is also needed to enhance digitalization. As an Organizing Committee of YIGF Cambodia, I am so proud to be able to organize the very first forum about Internet Governance in Cambodia. After successfully organizing the YIGF Cambodia, I got selected by the Open Development Cambodia (ODC) to participate in the upcoming IGF. What makes me the proudest is getting approved by the United Nations to join the 18th Annual Meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) at the Kyoto International Conference Centre in October 2023.NEW EXPERIENCEHearing about the Internet Governance for the first time, I had no idea what the Internet Governance is. All I think was how we needed the internet for online classes and work during the COVID-19 lockdown. Before becoming the Organizing Committee of the YIGF Cambodia, what I had preferred to see in Cambodia was an inclusive internet for everyone throughout the country, especially people living in remote and rural areas. In my perspective, Cambodia needs fundamental infrastructure especially, internet access. When they can access the internet, there will be immense opportunities for them as well as for the country’s economic growth and social welfare. However, a huge point I had missed was the unsafety it brings alongside the opportunities. Joining the YIGF Cambodia renewed my perspective that accessing the internet alone is not enough but safety should also come along. Many great ideas were coming from among us who are eager to bring the first-ever forum to our audiences. I have never thought that internet governance is one of the crucial developments we need in our daily lives and for the development of the country. Now, not only do I realize its importance but I also advocate digital empowerment to ensure access, safety, and opportunities for everyone. Though most of the topics from both international and national speakers are usually mentioned in our daily lives, the special thing is that various topics were displayed together for the whole two days. A special bonus is that our audiences can freely select the favored sessions that they want to join.Involving in the YIGF Cambodia, I am a Communication Organizing Committee that takes a role in the creative design and also supports the media team. My education and career background are in media and communication; therefore, taking in this role is just perfect for me to practice my skills by conveying the right message, visual, language tone, and social media platforms to audiences. Not only I can contribute my skills to the forum, but I simultaneously can learn from my fellow Organizing Committee as well, especially from their constructive feedback on my visual posters. Overall, the first time knowing and being involved is such a great learning experience.YIGF CAMBODIA: SUCCESSFULLY WRAP-UPThe forum was successfully held by having 127 participants joining from 23 – 24 September at the CADT. Over 40 speakers gave various presentations in different sessions to broaden audiences’ understanding of Internet Governance. My role on the event day is to support the media team by capturing pictures of the whole event. All the work has been done smoothly thanks to the team as well as our committed volunteers, especially Bonaliheng and Pichphyrom who supported in media team.THE NEXT STOP IS IGF 2023  The 18th annual meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) 2023 will be held from 8 – 12 October in Kyoto by the government of Japan. The overarching theme is “The Internet We Want – Empowering All People” which there will be over 300 sessions in the 5-day conference. The sub-themes I am interested in are Data Governance and Trust and Digital Divides and Inclusion. I also can’t wait to join interesting sessions: Emerging Tech and Solutions for Digital Inclusion, The Role of Parliamentarians in Shaping a Trusted Internet Empowering All People, and Jointly Share the Responsibilities in the Digital Era.Once again, thanks Open Development Cambodia (ODC) for providing me such a great opportunity to join IGF 2023 in Kyoto, Japan. Stay tuned for my upcoming IGF 2023 blog!  

IGF Japan Track

The internet and technology have always been an intriguing topic to explore. My name is ROS Chanvoleak. I am no expert in this field, but I am an enthusiast in this subject. I evolved around technology or the internet, practically my whole life. From watching simple videos online to heavy research on international relation, this is my expertise.I was fortunate enough to be selected to be a part of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) 2023 in Kyoto, Japan by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) and Open Development Cambodia (ODC). It was a long road before that. My first step involvement with technology was during my second year in college when I was hired as a product development coordinator. I handled the technological department alone and worked on a new prototype in building management. It was involving both Fintech and Proptech. I was collecting this personal data from many buildings with many residences.We used the data to help improve our system in matters of management, communication, and payments. We never thought that this data was necessarily vital because it was just names and phone numbers. Afterward, I worked for an international organization, where I saw this small data is meant to be highly confidential. We can see the differentiation of how one company can get mismatched information without the right knowledge or education and what are the relevant legal implications.This year, Open Development Cambodia recruited an organizing committee to organize the first-ever Cambodia Youth Internet Governance Forum (YIGF). Luckily, I was one of them, thanks to ODC. Though my knowledge of the internet may be lacking but during these couple of months, ODC and the team, supported us in understanding, importance of data management, device protection and what are the legal aspects of these practices in various countries. YIGF was a success with 170 participants. There were over 30 sessions, and each session was equipped with a high level of experts.We were joined by DEVI Svaradiva, Chairperson of the Internet Development Institute. In addition to her professional accomplishments, she holds a master’s degree in Communication from the University of Indonesia and currently is pursuing a Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Malta. She has given us a deeper understanding of AI Ethics and Data Protection Law.Furthermore, the session with Director Ly Sokphath of the Department of Project Appraisal and Development Programs, the General Secretariat of the Digital Governance Committee on the Digital Transformation of Cambodia’s Government, was well presented. He addressed our concerns on a multitude of factors, like province residences, disability accessibility, transparency, and accountability of the government. It was incredibly insightful for all participants and the organizing committee. With all the sessions of YIGF, I will be more than equipped to be in IGF in early October 2023.Towards further discussion, the director also mentioned data protection law that is being drafted by the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications (MPTC). A sub-decree was released in 2021 by Ministry of Interior (MoI), stating some of the factors that will be introduced but the overall assumption is personal data protection. The more intriguing part for the reader is the level of security management within the MoI and another stakeholder like MPTC and intra-ministerial. This illustrates the co-working relationship that the citizen should see. Moreover, in chapter 2, articles 4, there is an indicator of what data is personal and must kept secured by the ministry level.The Internet Governance Forum was introduced back in 2006 to facilitate a multi-stakeholder, democratic, and transparent platform for discussions on Internet governance issues. Which links to my passion for joining the organizing committee of YIGF. I want to be a part of the movement to protect and introduce the Internet public policy to the country. For my expectation, I want to have a clear goal of how I can support Cambodian society in protecting themselves online in a cohesive way in the next 5 years. A goal that is achievable and aligns with the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) principles in internet governance processes. Plus, the YIGF educates the youth about Internet public policy and issues on an international level and shows practices from other countries that have good results.There are over 300 sessions for the next 5 days of the event. Generally, topics are on a specific theme. In this case, the theme is \"Internet We Want - Empowering All People.\" How is it for all? Law, children, and gender inclusivity will be the focus.I would like to thank Open Development Cambodia for giving us this opportunity to transport us to Japan to learn about internet governance and also, thank you to UNDESA for organizing the IGF 2023, I cannot wait to be there!

My experience before the event in Brisbane– yIGF & APrIGF 2023

My name is Houth Morokoth and I am currently pursuing a bachelor\'s degree at the Royal University of Phnom Penh\'s Institute for International Studies and Public Policy with a major in International Economics. I’m one of the Organizing Committee of Cambodia’s yIGF. The main reason why I joined the Asia Pacific Youth IGF 2023 is to learn more deeply about internet governance which is one of the hot topics in the contemporary world due to its huge impact on society. In my country, most people still have limited knowledge related to these topics and have little awareness of the issues that related to Internet governance or digital platforms.After I discovered Asia Pacific yIGF, my interest in Internet governance and digital platforms skyrocketed as I wanted to explore and learn more about it. Another interesting observation, this forum consists of a diversity of groups such as government, private sectors, and NGOs which is the perfect opportunity to understand different perspectives on Internet governance. These opportunities will allow me to know and connect with people who share similar interests and learn new things from various perspectives. I hope to learn more about digital governance at the conference and also to meet more individuals throughout the Asia Pacific region and broaden my network of contacts. After I decided to apply for the Asia Pacific Youth IGF 2023, I was chosen to receive accommodation support from yIGF.Asia and attend the forum in person in Brisbane, Australia. As a member of the yIGF 2023 Cambodia, I also want to offer my sincere gratitude to Open Development Cambodia for covering the cost of my roundtrip flight and visa.The Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF) take place in Brisbane, Australia from August 29 to August 31, 2023, under the sponsorship of the au Domain Administration (auDA) and sponsored by Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC), APNIC Foundation, NETTHING 2023, Australian Government, and Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). The yIGF provides a forum for young people in the Asia-Pacific area to discuss Internet governance. All young participants will have the chance to gain insight into hot topics like digital inclusion and sustainability through trust. This year yIGF has made an effort to bring youth as well as multi-stakeholders to the table in order to provide them with the necessary information and skills to engage in conversations around Internet governance.Before the event, all of the participants actively participated in online meetings utilizing \"Google Chat\" as the communication channel. We also have a virtual yIGF 2023 orientation when we introduce ourselves during an informal ice-breaking session. Following the icebreaker, they provide a brief overview of yIGF and an insightful introduction for individuals who have questions about yIGF. The IGF basically aims to inform young people about Internet governance. It also encourages the younger generation to engage in more deliberation and decision-making process. Therefore, the goal of the yIGF is a youth network and, most importantly, capacity building.Additionally, we received an update such as a document to review before attending the event including yIGF Infokit; containing comprehensive information about the event, including the agenda, speaker profiles, and other relevant details. I can familiarize myself with the information in Infokit and make the most of my involvement, which is incredibly convenient for me. In addition to a group chat on Google Space, we have a second group chat on Signal for the participant presentations throughout the event. This group chat is separated into four main stakeholder groups: Civil Society, Technical Community, Government, and Private Sector. Thus, prior to the in-person event, I could communicate with other members from various nations using this online platform thanks to the yIGF organizing committee.

My Journey to Internet Governance Forum 2023

The Starting PointMy name is HongTholly Sonit, a creative content copywriter at a creative agency in Phnom Penh. I hold a bachelor\'s degree in Media Management from the Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP). For a while, my life seemed to follow a monotonous routine of going to the office and returning home. While I found satisfaction in my job, there was a lingering sense of unfulfilled passion within me. I yearned for something more, something that would ignite my spirit and give me a sense of purpose to look forward to each day.During that period, the rising number of digital threats, including cases of fraud on platforms like Telegram, became a hot topic. The rapid development of innovations such as AI further emphasized the need for heightened awareness regarding digital literacy, digital rights, and data privacy. This realization sparked a sense of urgency within me to advocate for these important issues.One day, I stumbled upon an opportunity that would change my life: the Cambodia Youth Internet Governance Forum\'s (YIGF) organizing committee. Intrigued by the post shared by a friend and longing for a chance to give back to society, I decided to apply and was fortunate enough to be selected as a member of the committee. Little did I know that this experience would not only ignite my passion but also lead me to become the team leader of the communication team. As the communication lead in YIGF, I oversee content creation for the website and social media, oversee the design of communication materials, and foster collaboration within the team.Challenging BUT RewardingEmbarking on this journey was not without its challenges. Balancing my volunteer work with a full-time job proved to be demanding, but my effort for the cause and the inspiration I derived from my teammates pushed me forward. Despite the obstacles, we successfully organized the first-ever Cambodia YIGF, surpassing our initial expectations with approximately 170 participants. Our dedication and commitment did not go unnoticed. My registration for the prestigious United Nations Internet Governance Forum 2023 was approved, and I was selected to receive a grant from Open Development Cambodia (ODC) to travel to Japan and participate in person. I am grateful to ODC for covering my roundtrip transportation and visa expenses, for recognizing my efforts, and for providing me with the chance to expand my knowledge and network on an international scale.Learning Expectations for the Upcoming IGF 2023The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is an initiative by the United Nations to bring together people from different stakeholder groups to discuss public policy issues related to the Internet. Although there is no formal agreement reached, the IGF informs and inspires policymakers in both the public and private sectors. Delegates at the annual meeting exchange information and best practices, aiming to maximize Internet opportunities and address challenges. The 18th annual meeting of the IGF will be held in Kyoto, Japan, in October 2023, focusing on the theme of empowering all people. The sub-themes for the forum include AI and emerging technologies, avoiding Internet fragmentation, cybersecurity and online safety, data governance and trust, digital divides and inclusion, global digital governance and cooperation, human rights and freedoms, and sustainability and the environment.Attending the IGF 2023 event promises to be an enriching experience, offering a diverse range of sessions and topics to explore. Through workshops, lightning talks, launches, dynamic coalition sessions, town halls, open forums, and high-level panels, I expect to delve into fascinating subjects and gain valuable insights.One session that particularly piques my interest is the High-Level Panel on Evolving Trends in Misinformation and Disinformation. In an era where misinformation and disinformation pose significant challenges, understanding the evolving trends in both is crucial. I hope to learn about the impact of social media platforms and messaging apps on the rapid spread of false content, as well as the advancements in AI-generated media content that further blur the lines between truth and fabrication.Another session that I would like to learn about is \"Next-Gen Education: Harnessing Generative AI\". By gaining insights into the latest trends, real-world examples, and tools within the field of AI in education, I will be equipped with the knowledge and ideas to drive innovation in my own educational practices. This session holds the potential to shape the future of education, and I am thrilled to be a part of it.Furthermore, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to meet the reality of residents in the Metaverse and delve into the experiences of Nem, the world\'s first virtual YouTuber, in the \"Talk with Metaverse Residents\" session. Nem\'s unique perspective, as an active media presence within the Metaverse, will provide valuable insights into this virtual world. During the session, I look forward to witnessing demonstrations of devices that enhance the Metaverse experience, allowing residents to fully immerse themselves in a virtual life.By participating in the IGF 2023 event, I expect to gain a deeper understanding of various important topics and trends in the digital realm. Specifically, I hope to learn about the evolving trends in misinformation and disinformation, the virtual reality of the Metaverse world, and generative AI. Through attending sessions and engaging in discussions, I anticipate gaining insights into the impact of these topics on society, as well as potential strategies and solutions for addressing related challenges.

Unfamiliar yet Familiar – Road to Internet Governance Forum

Getting to Know MeHey there, this is Huot Srymanit, a sophomore majoring in a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance and an aspiring Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) at CamEd Business School. Moreover, I serve as the Co-President for the CamEd Entrepreneur Club\'s 7th Generation. I am interested in subjects relating to languages and technology. Even though I don\'t have a lot of experience yet, I\'m excited to start working and advance my job experience as an open-minded learner.Prior to Joining Cambodia Youth Internet Governance ForumNot sure if it\'s destiny or fate, I stumbled across a post by Open Development Cambodia back in May that stated \"Call For Organizing Committee\". I was intrigued by the various aspects of internet governance and decided to give it a shot.  Despite my background, I decided to embark on this unfamiliar journey. Being an open-minded learner who always welcomes and looks forward to new challenges, I always took the initiative to volunteer and participate in various activities at any given chance. Thinking back to when I applied as the one of the organizing committee for Cambodia\'s first ever Youth Internet Governance Forum, I never thought that I would make it.Journey with Cambodia Youth Internet Governance ForumObviously, coming from an accounting and finance background, I never thought that I am suited with anything else other than finance, hence, I decided to start this journey by becoming a member of the administrative committee, for which I handle the admin and finance.I was in charge of the fundamental tasks as part of administration, including assisting with venue quotes, event supplies, and translating the events agenda. I was also in charge of creating the presentation slides and certificates for the events day, which is held on the 23rd and 24th of September, as part of my support job on the programme committee. As a second-year student, I must balance my studies with my volunteer job. It has proven to be tough and exhausting because I have to juggle my studies, my volunteer job as a digital literacy trainer for the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports, my roles as co-presidents of the CamEd Entrepreneur Club and as administrative committee of the Cam YIGF. Expectations about Cambodia Youth Internet Governance ForumAs a member of the Cam YIGF, my primary goal is to promote digital inclusivity, internet governance and shaping its future in Cambodia among Cambodian youth and to give young people a voice and a forum to address digital rights, literacy, and technology-driven policy in the country. This forum will serve as an area for my future research and helps to widen my knowledge on internet governance.During the Cambodia Youth Internet Governance Forum    Despite the obstacles that the team and I faced during the pre-events phase, our events went on smoothly and we successfully organized the first-ever Cambodia YIGF, surpassing our initial expectations with approximately 250 participants. During the two-day event, I had the opportunity to work as a note-taker. The majority of this role consists of making notes, hence, I got to learn in detail about various topics, about data privacy, the General Data Protection Regulation, digital security, and cybersecurity - how to successfully secure yourself online.During this conference, I\'ve had the chance to take part in two breakout sessions that address topics like digital transformation and data protection law. Learning about the perspectives of people with various backgrounds, including those in the public, private, and government sectors, was fascinating. My understanding of the subject has completely changed as a result of their perceptive observations, and they have also made me more open to potential answers.I had the privilege of serving as one of the cryptocurrency dealers during the Phum yIGF, which took place on the first day of the event. Making the participants aware of how they should safeguard and take care of themselves by being mindful of the unknown risk as well as understanding the risk of the investment in the market was a major focus of this game. It was such an enlightening experience to attend the multi-stakeholder gathering. It was wonderful to watch the simulation of individuals from all stakeholders working together to develop a better concept for how to enhance internet governance for Cambodia. Looking back, it was all worthwhile because the event reached such a significant milestone. Turning the events into a reality was such a wild fantasy after spending up late days and nights for the past three months with the dream teams to plan and develop for the events.Road to Internet Governance ForumI am very eager to attend and participate in the 18th Annual Meeting of the Internet Governance Forum, which will be held in Kyoto, Japan from October 8 to October 12, 2023, under the theme \"The Internet We Want - Empowering All People\'\' and with eight sub themes. I am eager to learn more about the sub themes of \"Data Governance & Trust, Digital Divides & Inclusion, AI & Emerging Technologies, and Sustainability & Environment\'\' because they are of particular interest to me. My willingness to participate in these discussions stems from my conviction that there are substantial chances for influence at the nexus of emerging technologies, sustainability, and digital inclusion. Additionally, I particularly anticipate the discussion of \"Rule of Law for Data Governance\" and hope to contribute to the policy dialogue on key issues such as the new Data Protection law which is currently under discussion in Cambodia.This IGF will serve as a venue for me to explore and learn beyond my capacities. It will be a fantastic chance for me to learn about current trends and advancements in internet governance as well as the perspectives of various stakeholders on important issues related to internet and data governance. This will provide me the opportunity to communicate and meet others from all over the world who are concerned about the future of the internet.Last but not least, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Open Development Cambodia for their support in realizing my dream of attending the upcoming 18th Annual Meeting of the Internet Governance Forum, which will take place in Kyoto, Japan from October 8 to October 12, 2023.

Unlocking Potential and Opportunities Through Internet Governance Forum

Hi, I\'m VA Phavan, and I hold dual degrees in Media Management and Teaching English as a Foreign Language. I am pleased to tell you about my experience related the Internet Governance Forum (IGF2023), where I will be able to learn new things and advocate for them. This one-of-a-kind annual meeting has allowed me to participate in important discussion on the eight related themes of \"The Internet We Want - Empowering All People\":Artificial intelligence and emerging technologiesAvoiding Internet fragmentationCybersecurity cybercrime and online safetyData governance and trustDigital divides and inclusionGlobal digital governance and cooperationHuman rights and freedomsSustainability and environmentThe 18th Annual Meeting of the Internet Governance Forum will be held in Kyoto, Japan, from October 8-12, 2023. And as a selected committee to join the forum through the support of Open Development Cambodia, I will describe how I got engaged, what I learned at the Cambodia Youth Internet Governance Forum, and what I hope to see during the annual meeting in Japan.The Path That Led Me Here:I came across a post by Open Development Cambodia (ODC) encouraging young people to participate in internet policymaking while surfing Facebook. Interestingly enough, it was the first time that I made aware of the word “Internet Governance’’. I made the decision to apply to join the organizing committee, and I was tasked with Media and Evaluation lead. I was one of the fortunate twenty other committees selected to contribute to the success of the first Cambodia Youth Internet Governance Forum in 2023. In addition to working hard and collaborating with all the fantastic people I have met over the past four months of preparation for the CamYIGF 2023, I made the most of this opportunity to learn new things and have productive discussions.Notable Discussions at the Cambodian Youth Internet Governance Forum:Engaging with like-minded people and delving into many facets of internet governance at the Cambodia Youth Internet Governance Forum was a life-altering event. About 250 people attended the two-day event, which happened at the Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology (CADT) and focused on the topic of \"Digital Empowerment: Ensuring Access, Safety, and Opportunities for All.\" The event featured 36 speakers including guests from Japan, Nepal, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and the Philippines.With over 30 sessions on the three subthemes: Introduction to artificial intelligence (AI) governance, Digital rights and online responsibilities, and Internet security and data privacy, my favorite would be the  Question and Answer discussion in each room. Working as a camerawoman meant I could continue to work on my role while also absorbing the information from the speakers. Additionally, hearing a panel discuss the government\'s response to the continued issues posed by cyberspace was a highlight. Participants dug deep into the obstacles that underprivileged groups experience while trying to get online and discussed ways to overcome them. As the seminar fostered an atmosphere of cooperation, prompting us to brainstorm possible remedies and lobby for more digital access in our local communities, two of the participants particularly mentioned about how fortunate they were as they were able to attend the CamYIGF 2023, and even suggested the forum to be held again next year while promoting more people from minority groups to join.What to Look Forward to at This Year\'s Internet Governance Forum Annual Meeting in JapanTwo of the eight subthemes, \"digital divide and inclusion\" and \"sustainability and the environment,\" strike out to me as I prepare to attend the next IGF Annual Meeting in Kyoto, Japan. I anticipate that the issues plaguing these fields will become clearer after these discussions, which will then open the path for innovative solutions.In the contemporary globalized society, it is of utmost importance to address the issue of digital gaps and actively foster digital inclusion. In order to facilitate universal participation and equitable benefits inside the digital realm, it is imperative to critically evaluate existing regulatory frameworks and formulate novel strategies. I am anticipating engaging in activities such as seminars and panel discussions that aim to foster diversity and inclusion within the digital realm.Furthermore, I am enthusiastic about acquiring further knowledge on the correlation between internet governance and the sustainability in the long run. It is imperative to promote sustainable activities and undertake measures to offset the adverse impacts associated with digital technologies. The Annual Meeting will provide a platform for the exhibition of successful projects, the enhancement of public comprehension, and the coordination of endeavors aimed at fostering sustainability and ecological friendliness in the realm of the internet.Conclusion: The Internet Governance Forum has opened my eyes to the possibilities for influencing the future of the internet for the better. The Cambodia Youth Internet Governance Forum provided me with the foundation I needed to begin participating in important discussions about the digital divide, inclusivity, sustainability, and the environment. I am looking forward to participating in discussions, gaining knowledge, and advocating for a more equitable and environmentally sound digital future at this year\'s IGF Annual Meeting in Japan. If we work together, we can make the internet a better, more just, and more ecologically conscientious pl

The First Cambodia Youth Internet Governance – Was it how I expected?

Hey there, digital explorers and enthusiasts! I\'m Peach, a passionate environmental advocate pursuing a green job, and I\'m here to share my exciting journey throughout the first inaugural Cambodia Youth Internet Governance (CamYIGF) event. But first, let me share how I got to be part of the incredible organizing committee.The Unexpected ApplicationWith little knowledge about Internet Governance, I stumbled upon this great opportunity through my involvement in youth empowerment initiatives in Cambodia. I would laugh if I had told myself a year ago that I would be part of the first Cambodia Youth Internet Governance organizing committee. I applied to be part of the team and showcase how I can contribute to building and executing the event program; thankfully, I got selected and become part of the amazing team that I will tell you about.Pre-event ActivitiesWith my expertise in the debate field, I took the lead in designing the sub-event, two debate rounds over Internet Governance.One was held between the IISPP Debate Society and the Paragon International University Debate Club. The second round was held between the organizing committee and students from CADT, and the topics revolved around internet governance, except it was more in-depth than the first round.Providing training and coordinating the pre-event was an experience I always wanted to have. The sub-event goal was to enable audiences to be equipped with some knowledge of Internet governance before attending the actual events one month apart.Highlights During the EventI think one of the most memorable experiences from CamYIGF was stepping into the role of the Master of Ceremonies (MC) for the opening ceremony. Welcoming a diverse crowd, including enthusiasts and participants from Phnom Penh and other provinces, was a fantastic way to kick things off.Throughout the event, I had the privilege of moderating numerous break-out sessions, diving into discussions about digital privacy, cybersecurity, digital inclusion, and the ever-expanding digital landscape. It was fascinating to hear diverse viewpoints and ideas from our speaker including international which was conducted online and our national speaker who was presented on-site, especially hearing the sharing from our fellow attendees.Managing the event flow alongside the two volunteer teams, including Event Facilitators and Operational Support, was another hurdle we hopped past together for an event of 250 participants. Ensuring each session ran smoothly and participants had an insightful and interactive experience was a rewarding challenge. Having to make many on-spot decisions was one force that kept the event on track and dynamic. CamYIGF was an intersection of brilliant minds from various sectors, including the government, private sector, experts, and netizens. Networking with many of them, each bringing unique perspectives, was the event\'s highlight. From tech gurus to policy experts, I had the opportunity to connect and learn from the best in the field.And last but not least, the incredible multi-stakeholder meeting! Being part of this dialogue was a true eye-opener as I got to experience what an actual multi-stakeholder discussion would be like. The collaborative spirit and exchange of ideas between stakeholders from different backgrounds left a lasting impression on me as we strive toward collaboration and initiating resolution to improve internet governance in Cambodia.So, did I get what I expected from CamYIGF?No, because it exceeded what I expected, and I did not think that the First Cambodia Internet Governance could achieve this milestone.To summarize my experiences, I was an internet-governance-dehydrated-sponge now soaked up with digital and internet governance knowledge. The sophistication of Internet governance, the policies that shape our online world, and how we can ensure a safer and more inclusive digital space for all were all shown and shared throughout the event; I sincerely hope you can feel them from reading this blog.What\'s next?The next step for our team is attending the 18th Annual Meeting of Internet Governance Forum in Kyoto, Japan, from the 8th until the 12th of October. As I actively pursue a green job, I\'m excited to join many sustainability sessions because they align perfectly with my passion and professional objectives.I\'m excited to be part of the \'Eco-friendly Policy System for Emerging Technology\' session that will provide essential insights into sustainable tech policy, enhancing my role in the green job sector.A summit is always a place I love to be in; the \'IGF 2023 Global Youth Summit\' will allow me to connect with fellow internet or digital enthusiasts to share experiences, learn, and collectively shape a digital landscape that prioritizes not only environmental sustainability but digital and internet governance as a whole.\'Digital Inclusion & Environmental Sustainability\' is another session that perfectly blends my interests. It allows me to delve into how digital tech can bridge societal gaps while promoting sustainability, extending my wisdom and network in these areas.Lastly, \'Community Networks: Digital Sovereignty and Sustainability\' resonates with my dedication to creating a more environmentally conscious digital world. This session will connect me with like-minded experts and practitioners.My desire to join these sessions arises from my belief that the intersection of emerging technologies, sustainability, and digital inclusion offers opportunities for significant impact.I\'m eagerly looking forward to diving headfirst into the 18th Internet Governance Forum and gaining firsthand insights that will enhance the 2nd Cambodia Internet Governance Forum next year. Our team goal and objectives for attending this year\'s Forum is to offer our participants a comparable experience in terms of content, sessions, and overall format to the Internet Governance Forum during our event the following year.